Recently all kinds of colored wigs are widely used by Hollywood stars and celebrities but also worn by more and more girls to allow them to have perfect and natural hairstyles. However, there is also a question of how to take care of colored wigs to avoid fading. To help you maintain human hair colored wigs for longer time, we have already prepared a guide that how to take care of colored wigs.

1.Use Cold Water As Much As You Can

As we all know, hot water can dry out your hair whether your hair is dyed or not. Because hot water can open the cuticle of the hair which allow the molecules of the wig color to escape, and even lead to frizz and moisture loss. While cold water could help close and seal the cuticle effectively, thus making the wig color last longer. Therefore, please use cold water to wash your colored wigs. Although it is tough, it definitely pays off in the long run.

2.Reduce The Frequency Of Washing Colored Wigs

Just like your natural hair, colored wigs also need to be washed. But you can not wash them too often as your natural hair. The frequently you wash the ombre colored wigs, the lighter the color is. And too much washing can make it fussy, especially during wet weather. For colored wigs, it is recommended to control the times of washes like wash it twice a week, which can make the color last longer and keep the human hair wigs healthy.

3.Choose Proper Shampoo And Conditioner

It is very important to choose proper shampoo and conditioner, especially for colored wigs. After all, colored wigs should be deep conditioning during washes to retain colors and keep human hair wig healthy. The normal shampoo will dry out your hair and make the color fade faster. If you really have to use shampoo and conditioner to wash your colored lace front wigs, it’s a good choice for you to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners with extra moisturizing.

4.Use Some Heat Protectant

When you style your hair exposed under the heat without any protection, your hair will suffer from huge damage. For example, the heat of hot tools will dry out your hair, causing split ends, and make hair look dull. So you should try to avoid heat styling tools, such as blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron. For these occasions you have to apply some heat protectant section by section on damp hair or dry hair and then comb the hair to make sure the heat protectant spread evenly across your hair, which can minimize the damage to your wig.

5.Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

Different from fabrics like cotton, silk pillowcases can help your hair retain moisture throughout the night and reduce frizz and dryness. In addition, silk pillowcases will help keep your hair in place without the need for products or styling tools to retouch. Because your hair isn’t rubbing it the wrong way, you will find yourself waking up with fewer tangle and flying.

6.Comb Your Hair From The Bottom Up

To protect hair from damage and to comb your hair efficiently, we strongly advise that you always use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush to comb short colored wigs. Brushing the hair from the bottom up allows you to gently comb each knot, rather than compounding knots toward the bottom and yanking it across. After all, using a wide-toothed comb is the gentlest way to comb your curls without disrupting the naturally curly texture like a brush does.

7.Add Some Oils And Water To Keep Moisture 

There is no doubt that sunlight, chlorine, and salt water will tend to act as a drying agent, and will strip your hair of necessary moisture, especially in summer. If you want to go to the beach or the swimming pool, it is the best way to soak your hair with water and then apply some coconut oil to your highlight wigs before going out the door, which can help lock in sorely needed moisture and conduce to prevent chlorine or salt water that can readily dry out your hair. Besides, you can drink lots of fresh water and apply some leave-in conditioner to your ends to help hair keep hydrated, too.

8.Remove Tangles Gently And Patiently

The heat and humidity of summer can cause your hair to become knotty and difficult to manage. Therefore, you had better use your finger to detangle or use a wide-toothed comb to brush yourlace front wigs. In order to avoid breakage in the process of brushing your hair, nothing is better than applying detangling lotion.

9.Don’t Color Your Hair Frequently And Repeatedly

Products that people use to color, perm, or relax their hair usually contain chemicals that will weaken hair and make it more likely to break. And if you love dyeing or bleaching your hair, try to reduce the frequency as much as possible or opt for purchasing a balayage or highlight wig. After all, these highlight human hair wigs are low-maintenance, you don’t have to retouch the color as often, which will save your wallet and prolong the life span of your colored wigs to the largest extent.

10.Put On A Wig Cap

It is very essential for you to wear a wig cap under the wig. For one thing, the wig cap can effectively prevent the colored wig lining from absorbing too much sweat and sliding back. For another thing, it can reduce the frequency of washing the human hair wigs and prolong the life span of the wigs. What is more, the wig cap is very light and breathable with a unique net structure, which makes your scalp feel very cool on hot days and naturally makes you sweat less.

How do you often take care of your high-quality colored wigs? How about the effect? Please comment below and share with us.